Custom Orthotics For Your Feet

Orthotics are inserts for your footwear that help correct structural problems in the foot such as high arches or flat feet. These problems often result in pain in the sole, heel, forefoot, ankles, knees, and, sometimes, the hips and back. Orthotics can also be helpful in addressing structural conditions that lead to the buildup of callus, formation of corns, diabetic foot wounds, and complications from claw toes, curly toes, hammer toes and bunions. When used appropriately, they can be extremely effective.

We Do It Right

We provide true quality custom orthotics utilizing the method recognized and accepted by insurance companies.

Custom Orthotics, Harrow, Ontario

Suspended Sub-Talar Position Casting

Ideally, prescription custom orthotics are precisely “cast” using a very specialized technique. The physiotherapist adjusts your foot into a special position called “sub-talar joint neutral” while it is suspended in the air, and then creates a slippercast. The physiotherapist will prescribe adjustments to the cast using precise calculations to help correct any deficiencies in your foot structure.

Custom Orthotics at Harrow Physiotherapy