Functional Ability Evaluation (FAE)

At Harrow Physiotherapy, a Registered Physiotherapist will perform your Functional Ability Evaluation.

Functional Ability Evaluations (FAE) provide objective information about an individual’s current abilities to safely perform work tasks and the simple activities of daily living.

These tasks include activities such as lifting, pushing and pulling, repetitive tasks for the upper extremities, precision tasks such as finger dexterity; and postural tolerances such as sitting, standing and walking. Standardized measures of consistency of effort and symptom report are incorporated into the assessment protocol.

The FAE comes with a comprehensive report with specific recommendations in one or more of the following areas: return to work status, rehabilitation potential and plans, ergonomic equipment needs, work site and work practice modifications, safe return to activity, barriers in return to work or activities and graduated return to work/activity schedules and identifying capacity limitations prior to hiring.

Alongside traditional musculoskeletal examinations, FAE’s provide a clearer understanding of the client’s current abilities, in the presence of injury. The inclusion of FAE’s is now accepted as a standard approach to assessment and has contributed to the promotion of early, safe return to activity for our clients.