Home Care

Receive Treatment In Your Own Home

We understand that certain conditions or injuries make it difficult to receive rehabilitation in-clinic. If getting to our office is just too difficult, we may be able to offer in-home care for your physiotherapy treatments.

A Positive Homecare Experience

It can be unsettling to welcome a stranger into your home and around your family, however, be assured that it is possible to receive professional, personal, and high quality physiotherapy at home – without compromise.

Our in-home physiotherapists provide all the necessary physical therapy tools and equipment, and will also make use of your home environment to achieve the same excellent standard of therapy that you have come to expect from us.

If you are unable to attend in-clinic treatment due to a physical condition and would like to discuss receiving physiotherapy at home, please contact our office for more information.

Why Choose us for your home care needs?

  • Professional, trustworthy genuine reputation
  • Our physiotherapists maintain in-clinic availability, and may be able to progress you to this more cost-effective approach
  • We treat time-required home care sessions. Home care client needs are often complicated, or have other compounding medical or social factors that make short visits less effective and less productive
  • We will lay out a clear home rehabilitation plan and provide you with the treatment you need to achieve your goals and restore you to your functional best
  • We can often navigate hospital administration in order to treat patients in the hospital or long term care setting
  • We keep full records of your treatment
  • We maintain flexible communication. With permission, we can organize treatment through a family member, friend, case manager, insurance adjuster etc
  • Our services are covered by extended health care plans, permitting physiotherapy, massage therapy or speech-language therapy is a benefit on your plan
  • We do not require a physician referral, however with your consent, we prefer to work closely with your physician
  • We offer convenient payment options.

For detailed information, call us to discuss your treatment options.